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The client wanted to welcome NCAA VIPs of the 2019 Final Four and thank sponsors by creating an unforgettable impression for the VIPs of the Final Four and the City of Minneapolis.

Campaign Details

Following guidelines set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Minneapolis Local Organizing Committee, a three-person team developed a VIP plan with a distinct Minneapolis theme. Hillarys vetted diverse product suppliers and built an execution timeline that included communication and a hand-off strategy for delivering five days of room drops totaling 486 gifts to 342 people. Each room drop was designed to optimize product usage over ten different gifting groups with custom-printed inserts.


Hillarys created distinctive and relevant VIP mementos that brought Minneapolis and its culture to life while “WOW-ing” NCAA VIPS of the 2019 Final Four and thanking sponsors by creating an unforgettable impression.